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Understanding the dangers of marijuana addiction can be confusing when the drug has been legalized for recreational usage in so many states. Regardless of its status, it is still a drug that can cause addiction to develop. Hand in Hand Recovery Center created our marijuana treatment center for men who find they cannot stop using the drug on their own. Our drug rehab in Marietta operates on an outpatient basis, which allows men to balance their treatment with the responsibilities in their personal lives. We help people put marijuana abuse in their past and learn to live meaningful, happy lives without getting high.

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Creating connection and developing trust with other men who are going through similar struggles can be extremely beneficial in your recovery process. Our clinical-driven rehab for men to let go of the pressures of society and create a healing journey with lasting outcomes.

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About Marijuana Addiction

A study published in 2023 showed that 17.2% of Georgia residents aged 12 and over used marijuana in the past year. This amounts to about 1,546,000 people. Nationwide, small-time marijuana possession arrests accounted for about 40% of all drug-related arrests. Like any other metropolitan area, Atlanta needs quality, effective marijuana treatment centers to help people overcome their addiction and learn to live without the need to get high.

Our Approach to Marijuana Rehab at Hand in Hand Recovery

When creating our marijuana treatment center, we approached it with the knowledge that every person experiences addiction in their own unique way. Knowing this, we design a treatment plan for each person to meet their needs and help them reach their recovery goals. Our gender-specific rehab for weed provides treatment for men aged 18 and over.  As a result, men enjoy the comfort level of working on themselves among a peer group. We invest in each person to help them discover their inherent ability to stop abusing marijuana and avoid triggers to relapse. 

Symptoms of Marijuana Use Disorder

It can be difficult to ascertain when someone needs to attend a marijuana treatment center, but certain symptoms will be noticeable to both the individual and those around him. Symptoms of marijuana addiction include:

  • Often appearing to be high
  • The constant need to use marijuana 
  • Possessing edibles such as gummies, cookies, and candy that contain marijuana
  • Building up a tolerance and having to increase the amount used
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not using marijuana
  • Spending a lot of time and money obtaining and using marijuana
  • Red eyes
  • Lethargy
  • Impaired judgment
  • Coughing
  • Paranoia

Effects of Marijuana Use

Smoking marijuana can cause a host of physical ailments, including bronchial distress, respiratory infections, dry mouth, expanded blood vessels in the eyes, high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and heart attacks. Smoking pot or ingesting edibles can cause anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations. Using edibles can be particularly risky because there is a delayed reaction, which can cause a person to use more and put themselves at risk of overdosing their system.

Why Choose Our Marijuana Rehab in Marietta

Our marijuana treatment center provides specialized care for men 18 and over. Gender-specific rehab for men to avoid the distractions of being around other genders, which provides them with the ability to focus more fully on the healing process. This type of peer support makes it more comfortable for men to open up and speak honestly to their therapists and other males in the program. We offer three different levels of care to help men transition to the real world slowly:

Our staff understands that when someone stops abusing a substance like marijuana, they will likely experience some withdrawal symptoms. We provide prescription medications that help ease these symptoms so no man has to suffer needlessly. This combination of medications and different types of therapy forms the backbone of how people heal from substance use disorders. 

How Do I Know I Need Marijuana Rehab?

Many men find it easy to excuse their weed addiction as just smoking some pot or ingesting some edibles and think it’s not a potentially dangerous problem. However, marijuana abuse can compromise a person’s physical and mental health and negatively impact their ability to do well on the job or have healthy personal relationships. Here are some questions to ask to help determine if you may need to enroll in a marijuana treatment center.

  • Do I use marijuana every day or several days a week?
  • Do I spend a lot of time looking for or using weed?
  • Have I developed a tolerance to marijuana and need to take higher dosages?
  • Have I broken the law to get marijuana?
  • Do I experience withdrawal symptoms when not using marijuana?
  • Has my work, school, or personal life suffered from my marijuana use? 
  • Have family members or friends expressed concern that I am addicted to marijuana?
  • Do I have a history of mental health disorders, such as anxiety or depression, and use weed as a way of easing the symptoms?

If you answered “yes” to two or more questions, it could indicate that you need to go to rehab for weed. Talk to your doctor, a therapist, or a staff member at a treatment program to determine an official diagnosis and talk about how to stop using marijuana.

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Did you start using marijuana recreationally and it turned into abusing the drug just to get through the day? Hand in Hand Recovery Center offers rehab for weed that teaches you to replace your need to get high with healthy coping skills that allow you to live a substance-free life. Our marijuana treatment center in Georgia provides multiple types of therapy that address the root cause of addiction. From there, the individual learns to reconcile any contributing factors that led to the addiction and embrace sober living. Our program provides outpatient treatment for men aged 18 and over.

Visit our admissions page now to find out more about how you can get the treatment you deserve. Our staff can answer any questions you have and provide a free insurance check.

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