The Ripple Effect

A Podcast By Hand in Hand Recovery Center

“The Ripple Effect” delves into the inspiring world of addiction recovery and community service. Each episode shares the heartfelt success stories of individuals who have overcome addiction, recovery, highlighting their journey to sobriety and the positive changes they’re making in the community. The podcast also spotlights community heroes who are making significant contributions to bettering their environments, from local activists and volunteers to those who have started non-profits or community-based projects.

Episode 1: On The Couch, with Dr. Wes

Dr. Wes Robbins shares his journey from personal struggles to establishing the Eternal Strength center, emphasizing authenticity, grace in self-growth, and the importance of community support in facilitating youth healing. 

Dr. Wes delves into his personal journey and the values he upholds in his work, emphasizing the need for individuals to navigate fear effectively for sustainable growth and recovery. He encourages families facing challenges to embrace hope, face their struggles with courage, and seek out supportive communities. 

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on authenticity and grace in self-exploration and growth.
  • Community support and connection play a crucial role in youth healing.
  • Emphasize the reconstruction of the relationship with fear for sustainable recovery.
  • Encourage seeking help and accepting guidance through challenging journeys.

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