Addiction Treatment Services in Marietta, Georgia

Located in Marietta, Hand in Hand Recovery Center offers gender-specific addiction treatment services near Atlanta for men. Our alcohol rehab, drug rehab and dual diagnosis treatment center in Georgia is dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse. We understand the unique challenges those battling addiction face and aim to provide a supportive and compassionate environment for their recovery journey.

With a team of experienced professionals and evidence-based therapies, we are committed to helping our clients achieve lasting sobriety and improved overall well-being. We believe everyone deserves a chance at a healthy and fulfilling life free from the grips of addiction.

Addiction Treatment Services in Marietta, Georgia

At Hand in Hand Recovery Center, our addiction treatment services are designed to provide individuals with the tools, support, and guidance they need to overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery in a caring, supportive, and compassionate environment.

Experiential Therapy

Through experiential therapy, clients engage in hands-on activities and experiences to explore emotions, develop coping skills, and promote personal growth.

Trauma Therapy

Our trauma-focused therapy provides specialized care for individuals who have experienced traumatic events, helping them process their trauma and heal

Family Therapy

Family therapy sessions address the impact of addiction on relationships, improve communication, and support the recovery of both the individual and their loved ones.

Psychoeducational Groups

These groups provide education about addiction-related topics while facilitating discussions to enhance self-awareness.

Rehab for Men

This specialized rehabilitation program focuses on addressing the unique challenges faced by men in recovery through tailored therapies aimed at promoting healing and sustainable sobriety.

Anger Management

Our anger management program empowers individuals with tools to cope with anger triggers effectively while developing healthy strategies for managing conflict without turning toward substance abuse.

Life Skills

Our life skills and home economics program fosters independent living skills, including cooking, budgeting, time management, and responsibility-building to increase self-sufficiency in recovery.


For individuals seeking alternative approaches to recovery, we offer non-12-step programs that incorporate different therapeutic modalities and support systems.

Medication Management

Our medication management services, including Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), help individuals manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings using FDA-approved medications.

Holistic Therapy

At Hand in Hand Recovery, we utilize holistic therapies including meditation and mindfulness to help clients find alternative pathways to recovery.

Alternatives to 12-Step

For those looking for an alternative to 12-step programming, we offer non-12-step options that incorporate different therapeutic modalities and support systems.

Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

At Hand in Hand Recovery Center, our approach to treating addiction is rooted in a holistic and individualized perspective. Addiction is a complex disease affecting individuals physically, mentally, and emotionally. As such, we take a comprehensive approach to address all aspects of addiction.

Our addiction treatment programs in Atlanta are tailored to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each client. We begin with a thorough assessment to understand the underlying causes and triggers of their addictive behaviors. This allows us to develop personalized treatment plans incorporating various evidence-based therapies, holistic therapies, and interventions.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals specializing in addiction medicine, therapy, counseling, and other related fields. They work collaboratively with clients to guide them through every step of the recovery process. This includes:

Residential Treatment
Partial Hospitalization Programming
Intensive Outpatient Programming
Outpatient Rehab
Sober Living

We prioritize creating a supportive and nurturing environment where clients feel safe to explore their challenges and work toward sustainable recovery.

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