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When someone’s life spirals out of control because of addiction, they want to know everything they can about their choices for going to rehab in Marietta. This means they have a lot of questions about things like how long treatment lasts, what they should bring, and if the facility accepts their insurance. Hand in Hand Recovery Center provides quality, structured care in a comfortable setting that helps a person begin their journey to becoming sober for life. We put together a list of frequently asked questions to help people understand how our program works and what to expect.

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How long each person needs to go to rehab depends on the level of care they receive. On average, staying in the program for 60-90 days provides the best results. 

Our program provides rehab for men aged 18 and over. Studies show that when people get care at a gender-specific facility, they often have an easier time opening up in therapy sessions and building a strong peer support community.

Our rehab in Marietta produces life-changing results for people who attend it. We approach each person we treat as the unique individual they are, which allows us to create a program specific to their needs. This increases their ability to recover fully and enjoy a lifetime of sobriety.

We do accept insurance to help people pay for the vital treatment we provide. Anyone who wonders if their plan covers part or all of the cost of using our program can call and get a free insurance check.

We are fully licensed through the state of Georgia.

Our facility is located in Marietta, Georgia, which is just a short drive from Atlanta. 

We allow people to bring their cell phones when they arrive for treatment. We ask that they not be used in a fashion that would distract the individual or others during therapy or other treatment sessions. 

Because our program is outpatient in nature, there isn’t a need to bring much to our appointments. Bring your insurance card, a valid ID card, and any medications you currently take. 

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Have you reached the end of the road with your addiction and feel ready to enter a program that will restore your physical and mental health? Hand in Hand Recovery Center created a multi-disciplinary treatment program for people with substance use disorders. Our staff of talented and experienced therapists and other clinicians work tirelessly to bring out the inner strength of each person we treat. We help you set and meet treatment goals so you can count on living a substance-free life again. 

For more information about our life-changing treatment, contact us today. We are happy to talk to you about how you can get started healing from addiction now.

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