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Located in Marietta, Georgia, our center offers a comprehensive treatment program and supportive, ongoing aftercare services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Our mission is to provide an environment that fosters healing, growth, and lasting sobriety for men. With a commitment to excellence and compassion, we walk hand in hand with our clients on their path to recovery. Contact us today to learn more about addiction treatment and aftercare services for men in Georgia.

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Creating connection and developing trust with other men who are going through similar struggles can be extremely beneficial in your recovery process. Our clinical-driven rehab for men to let go of the pressures of society and create a healing journey with lasting outcomes.

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What Is Aftercare?

Aftercare in the context of addiction treatment refers to the support and services provided after a person completes an initial phase of treatment, such as detoxification or residential therapy. Aftercare is a critical component of the recovery journey because it helps individuals navigate the transition back to everyday life while maintaining their sobriety.

Continuous Support

The treatment journey does not end when a client completes their treatment program. Continuous support is essential to lasting sobriety.

Some types of ongoing support include:

  • Counseling and Therapy: Ongoing individual or group therapy sessions help address underlying issues that contribute to addiction and provide strategies for coping with stress and triggers.

  • Peer Support Groups: Participation in groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) can offer a sense of community and accountability.

  • Family Therapy: Sessions that involve family members can repair relationships affected by addiction and improve the support system at home.

Monitoring and Follow Up

Once a client has completed treatment, we regularly follow up to ensure they are staying on course. 

Follow up care frequently includes:

  • Regular Check-ins: Scheduled follow-ups with therapists or counselors help track progress and address any emerging issues.

  • Drug Testing: Some programs include periodic drug testing as a way to hold individuals accountable to their sobriety goals.

Relapse Prevention

At Hand in Hand Recovery Center, we teach a variety of relapse prevention techniques. Once treatment is complete, these skills can be employed in a variety of real-life circumstances, helping clients maintain sobriety and avoid a return to substance use. 

Relapse prevention includes: 

  • Education: Learning about the process of addiction, triggers, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle can empower individuals to stay sober.

  • Skill Development: Programs may offer training in stress management, anger management, communication, and other life skills that are crucial for managing life without relying on substances.

Lifestyle Adjustments

In order for recovery to be maintained long-term, several lifestyle adjustments must be made. In order to bolster a new lifestyle in addiction recovery, we suggest making several beneficial changes. 

Common lifestyle adjustments are facilitated by:

  • Life Skills: Help with resume writing, job search, and interview preparation can aid in reintegrating into the workforce.

  • Sober Living Environments: For some, transitioning to a sober living house provides a supportive step between residential treatment and full independence.

Every individual’s journey through recovery is unique, and so the aftercare plan should be tailored to meet personal challenges and goals. This might involve addressing specific mental health issues, coping with stress in a high-pressure job, or navigating personal relationships. 

Aftercare is essential because recovery from addiction is a long-term process that doesn’t end when a treatment program is completed. It reduces the risk of relapse by providing ongoing support, helps individuals apply the skills they’ve learned in treatment to real-world situations, and offers a safety net during the vulnerable transition period.

For men at Hand in Hand Recovery Center, acknowledging that support and engagement in a recovery community are key elements of maintaining sobriety and achieving a fulfilling life post-treatment.

Types of Aftercare Programs

There are several types of aftercare programs. While you are engaged in treatment, your clinical team will develop a personalized aftercare plan that meets all of your personal needs. 

Our sober living in Marietta offers a safe, substance-free environment for men to transition from intensive treatment to everyday living. It provides the structure and support needed to navigate the challenges of early recovery while fostering independence and responsibility. Residents live in a community setting that encourages mutual support, accountability, and the development of healthy habits.

Outpatient Therapy serves as a cornerstone of our aftercare services, offering individual and group sessions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our licensed therapists employ a variety of evidence-based practices to address underlying issues, enhance coping skills, and promote emotional and psychological healing. This flexible approach allows individuals to continue their recovery work while reintegrating into their personal and professional lives.

In some cases, clients will be recommended to a psychiatrist. They will provide a psychiatric evaluation and medication management services for clients with co-occurring mental health conditions. Board-certified psychiatrists work closely with each individual to ensure that any prescribed medications are effectively supporting their recovery journey.

The journey of recovery is ongoing, and our Alumni Support program ensures that you never have to walk it alone. This vibrant community of Hand in Hand graduates offers social events, volunteer opportunities, and peer-led support groups. Our alumni network is a testament to the strength of shared experiences and the enduring bonds formed through the process of recovery.

How Can Aftercare Help with Long-Term Recovery?

Aftercare is the bridge between the structured environment of treatment and the complexities of real life. It equips individuals with the tools, resources, and support network necessary to navigate the ups and downs of sobriety. Through continuous engagement, personalized care, and a focus on holistic well-being, aftercare programs significantly increase the chances of long-term recovery and personal fulfillment.

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